Competence Management to Promote Skilled Foreign Workers in Agriculture (Alfa Agrar)

High quality work in enterprises is closely linked to sufficiently skilled personnel. In the near future many German agricultural enterprises are at risk of losing crucial human resources through the retirement of their aging workforce. At the same time there is an overall decline of the skilled personnel pool due to demographic factors, so that safeguarding skilled personnel can hardly be achieved only through the domestic workforce. With respect to the European labor market liberalization, the integration of foreign skilled personnel can provide one way for the maintenance of competencies.

This cooperative research project aims at supporting agricultural enterprises in safeguarding their core competencies and their competitive ability through the consideration of foreign skilled personnel. The project provides knowledge that supports private and public decision-makers in issues concerning the securing of competencies through foreign skilled personnel. The project Alfa-Agrar itself does not engage in the hiring process nor does it find positions for skilled personnel.

The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Project period: November 2013 to January 2017